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Top Class - Inter school quiz competition

This competition (Top Class) runs over several weeks from March to the end of June. It comprises matches for whole classes or a combination of classes. The matches take place in schools at times of your convenience, and last about half an hour. The students are allocated to ten teams with up to three students in any one team. Each team works at a computer that downloads multiple-choice questions from the Internet. All the questions refer to attractive images depicting some scientific situation. The teams have one attempt to answer the question collectively. The quicker the correct answer is given, the more points the team scores. You can see a demonstration on the Top Class web-site. In the first two rounds, the classes compete against the clock. After Round 1, the sixteen classes with the highest total scores progress to Round 2. In the quarter-and semi-finals, the classes play matches head-to-head against each other. Each team in one class is paired with a particular team in the other class to play a game. All ten games take place at the same time. In each game, the two teams simultaneously receive the same questions.

Secondary Final
The final of the Secondary Top Class Competition in 2009

After twenty-four questions, the team with the greater number of points has won their game. The class winning the greater number of games has won the match. The grand final will be a stage show before an audience of pupils, teachers and parents at the University of East Anglia

The Year 9 Grand Final will take place in the evening of Thursday, 4th July and the Year 6 Grand Final in the evening of Tuesday 2nd July.


To enter your school in either or both competitions, please, complete and return the entry form.

Science Olympiad 2013 - Practical competitions and hands on events

Secondary schools -University of East Anglia, 3th July 2013.

Schools can enter teams from Years 7 - 10, and Year 12.

Demonstration Lecture

To be confirmed

Primary Schools - University of East Anglia, 4th July 2013.

Schools can enter teams from each of Years 3, 4, 5, 6.

Demonstration Lecture

To be confirmed.


To enter your school in any of the competitions, please, complete and return the entry form.