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Norwich Science Olympiad 2010

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Please, indicate whether you wish to enter students for each of the following events. For the practical events, schools will be limited to six students for Years 3 - 10. Schools will be limited to twelve students for Year 12 in the first instance. If we are over-subscribed, we may need to limit the numbers. We will confirm the number of students we can take from each school early in the Summer Term

Practical events

Taking place on Wednesday 30th June.
Year 3: Year 4: Year 5: Year 6:
Taking place on Tuesday 29th June.
Year 7: Year 8: Year 9: Year 10:
Year 12:

Top Class

Year 6: Final to be held on the evening of Wednesday 30th June.
Year 9: Final to be held on the evening of Tuesday 29th June.